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Looking for a high-performance bow with the perfect blend of speed, accuracy, and comfort? Look no further than the PSE Omen, the ultimate compound bow for archery enthusiasts.

Key Features:
Unmatched Speed: Firstly, the PSE Omen is engineered for speed, with an arrow velocity of up to 366 fps for unmatched performance and accuracy.

Precise Aiming: Secondly, the bow’s precision-machined riser and limb pocket system deliver enhanced accuracy and stability, while its adjustable draw length and let-off ensures precise aiming and control.

Comfortable Shooting Experience: The PSE Omen’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable shooting experience, with a comfortable grip and adjustable draw weight and length for maximum comfort and accuracy.

Advanced Technology: The Omen features advanced technology such as the Backstop 2, which reduces string vibration and ensures optimum performance, and the Planar Flex Riser, which eliminates torque and enhances accuracy.

Draw Weight: 50-70 lbs
Draw Length: 26-31 inches
Brace Height: 5.25 inches
Axle-to-Axle Length: 33.25 inches
Mass Weight: 4.5 lbs
Let-off: 80%
If you’re looking for a high-performance, comfortable, and reliable compound bow, the PSE Omen is the perfect choice. With its advanced technology, precision accuracy, and durable construction, the Omen delivers unbeatable results. Experience the power and finesse of the PSE Omen today and step up your archery game to the next level.


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