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With PSE Mach 34 sleek and compact design, this bow delivers a powerful shot and exceptional performance.

Featuring PSE’s highly acclaimed  Cam System, the Mach 34 offers an incredibly smooth draw cycle, making it easy and comfortable to shoot.This cam system also provides an adjustable draw length and weight, allowing users to fine-tune the bow to their specific preferences.

The Mach 34 boasts an impressive IBO speed of up to 340 feet per second, making it one of the fastest bows on the market. This incredible speed ensures quick and accurate shots, even at longer distances. With such velocity, this bow is well-suited for both hunting and target shooting.

Constructed with a sturdy and durable aluminum riser, the PSE Mach 34 offers stability and reliability. The riser also features PSE’s highly acclaimed Grip System, providing users with a comfortable and secure hold for enhanced accuracy.

The Mach 34 comes equipped with preloaded X-Tech limbs, which promote better energy transfer and reduce noise and vibration. This contributes to a quieter and more controlled shooting experience.

Overall, the PSE Mach 34 is a high-performance compound bow that delivers exceptional speed, accuracy, and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a dedicated target shooter, this bow will help you push your archery skills to new heights.


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