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The Hoyt Helix is a high-quality compound bow designed for archers who demand precision and reliability. Firstly whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, the Helix offers exceptional performance and an excellent shooting experience.

Helix Cam System:

The Helix features Hoyt’s advanced Helix Cam System, which delivers a smooth draw cycle as well as impressive speed while maintaining accuracy.

Riser Design:

The bow’s riser is crafted from durable and lightweight materials, providing the perfect balance between strength and weight for enhanced performance.

Limb Technology:

Equipped with the latest limb technology, the Helix delivers optimal power, stability, and energy transfer, resulting in improved accuracy and reduced vibration.

Adjustable Draw Length and Weight:

The Helix offers adjustable modules, allowing archers to customize the draw length and weight according to their preferences and shooting style.

Parallel Split-Limb Design:

The parallel split-limb design of the Helix ensures minimal vibration and noise, providing a smoother and more accurate shooting experience.

Versatile Shooting Platform:

With its wide-ranging adjustability and customizable features, the Helix caters to archers of various skill levels and shooting preferences.

Its advanced features, including the Helix Cam System and limb technology, provide archers with the speed, accuracy, and power they need to hit their targets consistently.

The Helix’s ergonomic design, adjustable modules, and also a silent shelf technology contribute to a comfortable and precise shooting experience. Also the bow’s parallel split-limb design ensures minimal vibration and noise . however, allowing for improved stability and accuracy.

Whether you’re shooting in a competition or pursuing game in the wilderness, the Hoyt Helix is a reliable compound bow.

Invest in the Hoyt Helix and experience the perfect blend of technology and performance that only Hoyt can offer.


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