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Elite Kure 50-60lbs/23″ -30″/ Kobalt Blue


The Elite Kure compound bow is a high-quality, top-performing bow designed for archery enthusiasts and professionals. It features an innovative design and cutting-edge technology to deliver unbeatable accuracy and performance.

The Elite Kure is known for its smooth draw cycle, making it effortless to shoot. It has an adjustable draw length and weight, allowing users to customize it to their specific preferences. With a maximum draw length of up to 32 inches and a let-off of 90%, this bow accommodates a wide range of archers.

Equipped with Elite’s exclusive SE Cam system, the Kure provides exceptional accuracy and consistency shot after shot. The cam system delivers a generous amount of power, allowing for fast arrow speeds and deep penetrations. The forgiving 335 FPS IBO speed ensures a powerful shot even at longer distances.

It also features a comfortable grip, allowing for a secure and comfortable hold.

With its sleek design and modern features, the Elite Kure compound bow is a top choice for serious archers looking for a high-performance bow. Whether you are hunting or participating in target shooting, this bow will help you achieve incredible accuracy and success in your endeavors.


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