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If you’re looking for a high-performance bow that offers a perfect blend of speed, accuracy, and lightweight design, look no further than the Elite Carbon Era.

Key Features:
Extreme Speed:

The Elite Carbon Era is designed for maximum speed and performance, boasting an arrow velocity.

Stability and Precision:

The Carbon Era features an advanced multi-shot riser design, which increases stability and accuracy, and a new S.E.T.

Silent and Smooth:

The Carbon Era delivers a silent and smooth shooting experience, thanks to its advanced technology, including the Riser Cage, which reduces vibration and noise.

Adjustable and Customizable: The Carbon Era features

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  1. John Ricker

    Great and friendly service as always from Archery Bow Shop

  2. John Ricker

    Archery Bow Shop is great place to buy from awesome customer service and fast shipping

  3. James D.

    Super service. Super quick delivery even to the UK Will definitely use again

  4. Jason E.

    Archery Bow Shop continues with fast order fulfillment. Shipping is always quick and seamless.

    Thank you

  5. Larry C.

    my orders on
    Always get my orders on time and correct!!! They know archery hunters!!

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