Bowtech Destroyer 340


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The Bowtech Destroyer 340 is a powerful and compound bow that is perfect for experienced hunters and archers. With a compact and lightweight design, this bow is easy to maneuver in tight spaces and offers unparalleled speed and accuracy.

At the heart of the Destroyer 340 is Bowtech’s innovative Binary Overdrive Cam System, which provides exceptional tuning and shootability. The cam system ensures a smooth draw and a solid back wall, as well as consistent, repeatable shots.

With an impressive IBO speed rating of up to 340 feet per second, this bow delivers lightning-fast arrow velocity to ensure maximum kinetic energy and penetration. The advanced CP Dual Lock Limb Pockets provide added stability and precise alignment, resulting in superior accuracy and consistency.

The Destroyer 340 offers a wide range of customization options to fit individual preferences. It has a draw length range of 26.5 to 31 inches and a draw weight range of 50 to 70 pounds, making it suitable for a wide range of archers. The bow also features a FLX Guard Cable Containment system to enhance accuracy and timing.

In terms of construction, the Destroyer 340 is built to last. The bow features a rigid and lightweight riser made from aluminum alloy, along with durable limbs crafted from high-quality materials.

Overall, the Bowtech Destroyer 340 is a high-performing, top-of-the-line compound bow that is perfect for experienced archers who demand , speed. Whether you’re aiming for the perfect shot on a hunting trip or competing . The Destroyer 340 is sure to exceed your  and deliver  performance every time.


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