Bear Archery Divergent

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The Bear Archery Divergent

Its a premium compound bow designed to deliver exceptional performance and accuracy. Created by Bear Archery, a trusted name in the industry, this bow combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek and ergonomic design, making it the perfect choice for both hunters and target shooters.

H19 Hybrid Cam System
Equipped with the innovative H19 Hybrid Cam System, the Bear Archery Divergent offers a smooth and efficient draw cycle, with a highly adjustable let-off. This cam system ensures optimal power and speed in every shot, providing a consistent and accurate shooting experience.

Max Preload Quad Limbs
The Divergent features Max Preload Quad Limbs, which maximize power and energy transfer for impressive arrow speeds. These limbs also provide excellent stability , minimizing hand shock and vibration for greater shot control.

Adjustable Draw Length and Weight
With its versatile design, the Bear Archery Divergent allows for easy customization of draw length and weight. This feature ensures a comfortable fit and personalized shooting experience, accommodating archers of different sizes and preferences.

Forward Facing Roller Cable Guard System
The forward-facing roller cable guard system on the Divergent reduces friction and torque, resulting in enhanced accuracy and consistency. This innovative system ensures smooth and silent operation, allowing for precise aiming and minimizing disturbances during the shooting process.

Limb Sound Dampeners
To further enhance the shooting experience, the Divergent is equipped with limb sound dampeners that effectively reduce noise and vibration. This not only increases accuracy but also helps to prevent startling game and minimizes fatigue during long shooting sessions.

Versatile and Lightweight Design
The compact and lightweight design of the Bear Archery Divergent makes it highly maneuverable in various hunting or shooting situations. Whether you’re stalking game or shooting from a treestand, this bow offers exceptional balance and control.


2 reviews for Bear Archery Divergent

  1. Cave H.

    Purchasing a bow for the first time was a good experience, the knowledge and patience during the purchase and setup was brilliant. Made the whole first time purchasing a bow a pleasure. Very much appreciated. Would recommend Advanced archery to anyone wanting to get into any form of bow shooting

  2. Timothy

    I own 2 other bows…to be honest it’s very compatible to my PSE!!! Very well packaged. Extremely fast delivery…. I bought this for a friend…decided to keep it n just purchased another…..Very well made. Only thing I found was the counter balance weight is very bulky n has a cheap looking rubber exterior. Doesn’t quite work as it should. Other than that. Very nice for your money. Thanks team…….Randy(thunder audio)

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