Vintage Ben Pearson Varsity 7120 Recurve Bow 60″ Nice


This is a Beautiful Vintage 1960s-70s Ben Pearson Varsity 7120 Recurve Bow 60".Here are the details.The Bow is in beautiful condition.The Bow measures,60" long.The middle of the bow has hand writing that reads,BF-183722,60",XX40H-28".It also reads,Ben Pearson Varsity 7120.This one is a beauty and ready to use.All you will need is a string.The Bow has no damage and has only the slightest wear if any.It is made of Beautiful Oak with very nice Olive Green sides.This is a very high quality Vintage Ben Pearson Varsity 7120 Recurve Bow that will last you a lifetime.They dont make them like this anymore.If you collect Vintage Recurve Bows then add this beauty to your collection.Take alook at the photos.Any questions feel free to email me.Good luck bidding....

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Sorry, this is Acquired. See similar products on eBay

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  1. Rick

    I just purchased a very nice Ben Pearson Varsity 7120 recurve bow at a garage sale for $10.00. Do you know what length of string is required for this model?

  2. David Lehr

    That is a nice bow! I have one of these that has been in the closet for years. I was wondering what price they would bring. However, my daughter recently expressed an interest in archery and I may “dust it off” for her to experience shooting some arrows. I used this bow as a teenager, and it worked very well.

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