Used 2011 Martin SABER Camo Compound Bow 45-60# Package

Never Shot, Minor Nicks/ With Rytera Inlaid Carbon Grip


Come visit our store for more great deals!! New 2011 Martin Saber Compound Bow 45-60# Package Peep, D-loop, Whisker Biscuit Rest, 4 arrow quiver, FireStar 3-pin sight, Wildman Bow case, Black Stabilizer Technical Specs Speed: 315-320 FPS Rated Let-Off: 80% (adjustable) Draw Weight: 45-60# Draw Length: 27" to 32" Weight: 3.5 lbs Axle Length: 32.25" Brace Height: 7" Cam Features Acu-Trak Single Cam Silky Smooth Draw Shooter Friendly No Shock or Vibration Features Acu-Trak Cam - Smooth, Quiet, No Vibration HammerHead Bowstrings - No Stretch or Peep Rotation, BCY Trophy PowerTough Limbs - Durable & Accurate Magnesium RiserThermal Grip VEM - Vibration Escape Module, Omega Package IncludesPeep, D-loop, Nap 360 rest, 5 arrow quiver, 3-pin sight Build a bow right, offer it at a bargain price, and you get today’s best compound bow value. The Saber is built for solid durability, competitive speed and spot-on accuracy. When you consider all the features Martin built into the Saber, you’ll wonder why it doesn’t cost more. . . a heck of a lot more. A Set Of Draw Length Modules (F1 - F6) Are Included With The Bow Here are some other great items from our store. Click an item to check it out!

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