Oneida Strike Eagle Bow & Accessories


Listed for sale is an Oneida Strike Eagle RH Compound Bow, 50-70 lbs with 65% let-off. Draw length is Medium (mine is 30"). The bow itself is in great shape and I kept it maintained and lubricated every year until I retired it. I put new cables on it a few years ago, but the string (49") is broken. This bow shoots hard and is very "experienced"- once produced a diagonal pass-through on a sharp quartering-away shot that started at the front of the rear ham and exited in the brisket! Also included are the following accessories: Bow Guard case Trophy Hunter ball bearing release TM Hunter-style rest (I used flipper rest) Stabilizer and sights Quiver 16-Easton XX75 2413 camo arrows (12 feather and 4 vane) 8-Thunderhead 125 broadheads (some need new blades) 7- Field points

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