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We find the most interesting Archery Bows For Sale. Here are the best deals we found for the ONEIDA STRIKE EAGLE BOW for sale on the Internet.

Current Price: $100.00

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ONEIDA STRIKE EAGLE BOW Picture(s) and Description:


Oneida Eagle compound bow (Strike Eagle), right hand, 50 - 70 lb. limbs. Used very little. Hunted one season. Bow was relaxed, weight wise, and put into storage in the bow case for several years. This bow is practically brand new. Has an 8 arrow quiver, 4 customized turkey-feather fletched XX75 2413 shafts (2 shafts with 125 gr. broadheads, 2 with target tips, 125 gr.), and a Tru-Glo sight. Has stabilizer and rest, ready to go hunting. Awesome bow, lot of power. No need for worry on the longevity of this bow. Only thing this needs is the string, but not right away. This bow also comes with an extra set of outboard limbs and power limbs. Comes with hard cover bow case, as seen in pictures. Shipping $30. Draw length is 29" to 31". Seller is an Oneida Eagle representative and has misc. power cables, draw length and weight modules for buyer, if needed in the future.