Oneida Eagle Aero Force X80 Archery Bow, Arrows, Case


Complete Archery Equipment Package ! Oneida Eagle Aero Force X80 Compound Box Qty of 23 Easton XX75 Camo Hunter Arrows (2317) Golden Key Flip style Arrow Rest, Toxonics 5 Fiber Optic Pin SiteKwickee Kwiver, Thunder Head Broad Heads, Field Points, Bludgeon Small Game tips, Fletching vise, Bow Square ++++ Lots of Extras ..... nocks, extra flip rests, wax and more All packed up in a nice hard shell case. Includes everything you need to get ready for the next archery season. Oneida Eagle has always been a fantastic archery choice. Check out all of the below links for more information on some of the items enclosed in this package. I have well over $500 tied up in this package so please "BID TO WIN"

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