New 2010 Martin BONE HUNTER Camo Bow 45-60# – Acc Pkg.


Come visit our store for more great deals!! New 2010 Martin Bone Hunter Camo Compound 60# - Accessory Package Technical Specs Speed: 315-320 FPS Rated Let-Off: 80% (adjustable) Draw Weight: 45-60# Draw Length: 25" to 30" Weight: 3.4 lbs Axle Length: 30" Brace Height: 7 1/4" Cam Features Acu-Trak Single Cam New Helical Track Design Silky Smooth Draw No Shock or Vibration Shooter Friendly Features New Super Smooth Acu-Trak Cam Pivoting Roto Limb Cup Integrated VEM Module, Grip, & Shelf Dampening Package Super Lightweight Thermal V Leather Backed Grip Precision Speed Bearings Laminated CoreFlex Limbs Included Accessory Package Contains: NAP 360 Rest Apex 3 Pin Sight WildMan Camo 4-Arrow Quiver Shurz-A-Peep Tri-Slot Positive Nocking Point No Noise, No Vibration, No Recoil . . . If you’re looking for all of today’s hottest features, and you’re aiming to keep expenses under control, then you’ve got to check out the Bone Hunter. Parallel limbs, lightweight, precision machined riser, 300+ FPS . . . this short ultra light 30” axle to axle bow has it all. New Acu-Trak Cams offer draw length adjustable over a 25-30” range, draws like silk and tunes with ease, while delivering some serious downrange energy to you arrow. A Full Set Of Draw Length Modules (F1 - F7) Are Included With The Bow Here are some other great items from our store. Click an item to check it out! We only ship bows within the US. You are bidding on the item listed in this auction. We are not able to substitute other draw weights or dexterity for the item you are bidding on. If you are interested in a different weight or hand, please contact us prior to bidding and if we have it available, we can list it in auction. Please note that if you win the item in this auction it cannot be exchanged for a different weight or dexterity. Combined shipping is available; please contact us prior to making payment if you are purchasing more than one item. Items may be shipped via FedEx, UPS, or USPS. We sell a variety of items and 100% customer satisfaction is our goal! Please contact us right away if there are any issues. We will do everything possible to resolve things in a timely matter. Any questions can be sent to Office hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm Friday 9am-3pm Pacific Standard Time Payments received after 2pm on Thursday may not be processed until the following Monday

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