New 2010 Martin Archery X-200 Traditional Recurve Bow 40#


Come visit our store for more great deals!! New 2010 Martin X-200 Traditional Recurve Bow 40# Technical Specs Draw Weight: 40# At 28" Weight: 1 lbs 12 ozs Brace Height: 7.75" - 8.5" AMO Length: 60" Riser and Limb Materials Riser made of solid Shedua. Limbs made of Eastern Hard Maple laminations and black fiberglass. Hand Made One At A Time By Howatt. If you are looking for a value in a traditional bow that as a reputation for American-made quality, look no further. The 60” X-200 is ideally suited for both recreational shooters and serious hunters alike. Ample limb length allows for a smooth draw, and reinforced limb tips permit the use of any low-stretch bowstring material. The X-200 has generous brace height for added forgiveness and accuracy, making it a true joy to shoot! Here are some other great items from our store. Click an item to check it out!

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