Mathews Z-Max Compound Bow


SPECS Great Starter Hunting Package! Ready To GO! Axle-to-Axle 35" Brace Height 7.25" Draw Weight 60 lbs Bow Weight 3.25 lbs Let-off 80 % Draw Length 30" This Bow was sent back to Mathews in September of 2010. They replaced everything on the bow except the riser (which has a mark shown in the last picture)! I used as a back up and have shot less then 100 arrows through the refurbished bow.Included in this package:Cobra Sidewinder 3 pin sight/Whisker Biscuit/11 XX75 2315 Easton Super Pro arrows w/4 fixed blade broad heads and 8 practice points/7 Carbon Express CX300 Arrows 4 grim reaper Broad heads and 3 field points/ 6 arrow quiver Kwikee Kwiver and a 2 arrow Kwikee Kwiver/ Cobra release/ Lockable SKB Sports Aircraft ready Case! -

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