Mathews Monster XLR8 Bow LOADED 360+fps A+ Condition

Speed Kills! This IS the bow for all out performance!


Mathews Monster XLR8 70/28 360+ FPS!!! Let me first start out by saying that this bow is like none other. The speed it produces allows such a straight flight of the arrow you almost can use the same pin from 15 yards right out to 50 yards....its that fast! This allows even 80+ yard shots to be made with accuracy and deadly killing power. This bow was purchased brand new in mid 2009 along with everything included on it. Sadly, I haven't had the time to use it, and only 50 arrows or so have been shot through it. The string has always been waxed, bow never left in the sun, dropped, dry fired, rained on, or abused in anyway. It is as close to new as you can get without the new price tag. Always kept in a padded case and handled with extreme care. Now lets get down to the hundreds of dollars worth of top of the line goodies that are included. Limbs - 70lbs Draw - 28" (can be adjusted from a range of 25" - 30" with modules from Mathews... about $20) Serial Number - 1011053 Sights: Vital Gear StarPro Fiber Single Pin adjustable sight with 6 place sliding adjustment. Lost Camo Color! A one-piece pin ring machined from a solid block of T6 Aluminum in either a 029 or 019 diameter pin. A choice of angular or vertical pin that includes a micro adjustable windage and gang adjusts for elevation. Features 6 auto stops. Wrapped with 1 yard of fiber optic; Pins Glow after dark. Includes a Fiber Optic Indicator Pin and Yardage Markers. Rest: Carolina Archery/Trophy Ridge Deluxe Whisker Biscuit in Solid Black. No worry about setting up drop strings, arrows falling out of rest, or timing issues. Just a good solid rest that can be shot at any angle! Quiver: Fuse Satori one-piece realtree HD 6-arrow quiver. Bowhunters trust Satori quivers for field-ready function and uncompromising reliability.The popular Satori One-Piece with Quick Disconnect is lightweight and strong and features six Shock-Rods for an amazingly quiet shot - and exclusive Ejector Pin Technology for simple removal and installation. String Stop: Mathews Dead-End String Stop. Drastically reduces residual vibration and birtually eliminates post-release noise. Stabilizer: Limbsaver S-coil 4.5" Camo Stabilizer. Arrows: Easton ST Epic N-Fused Carbon Arrows 340gr. 9.5gpi with Blazer fletchings. Easton exclusive N-FUSED™ CARBON utilizes Hybtonite® carbon nanotube infusion to create a stronger, hard-hitting AXIS® & Epic® Arrows. Carbon nanotubes are the strongest, lightest substance known to exist. The superior mechanical properties of NANOTUBE HYBTONITE® resin produce lightweight arrows with increased strength and built-in vibration control. Note - only three arrows will be included. also included of course is a D-loop, G5 peep in blue, and camo braided wrist strap. There is over $1400 in this bow and it shoots straight and true. Not even the slightest of flaws. You will not be disappointed with this bow, but your friends probably will be with their bows after seeing this one in action. Please feel free to ask any question or if you would like a specific picture taken. I usually answer questions pretty fast. Bow season is almost here! This bow will assure its a good one! Good Luck.

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