Mathews DXT Compound Bow 28/70


28 length 70 pound draw max..Up for auction is a mathews dxt.This bow shoots awesome..i have it dialed in for 20 30 40 &50 yards. The bow is used. I bought it used at the beginning of the 2012 season off ebay the bow is in great shape with just the little wear on front where ur hand goes...this is very common in used bows..other than that the bow is excellent....the string and cables have more years left in them ..i recommend getting the string and cables re-served.i put a new extreme 4 pin lost camo sight on has a light on has a mathews t7 works fine but scratched up a bit...has ultra rest Hd in black.limbsaver camo stabilizer. D loop and tubless peep.. NO RESERVE! STARTS AT JUST $0.99 ANY QUESTIONS JUST ASK. I will take any offers and we could make a deal thru paypal before auction ends so i reserve the right to end auction early. UR GETTING: BOW T7 MATHEWS QUIVER ULTRA REST HD REST EXTREME 4 PIN SIGHT LOST CAMO with light LIMBSAVER STABILIZER CAMO D LOOP AND PEEP Limbsavers on limbs of bow Braided Wrist strap Posted with eBay Mobile

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Auction price: $103.50

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