Mathews DXT Bow 27.5″ 60-70# LH FULLY LOADED


You are bidding on a Left-Handed Mathews DXT compound hunting bow package in Fantastic condition. Bow has solocam System and is 27.5" draw length and 60-70# draw weight (80% letoff). Axle to axle length is 29.75". Brace height is 7". This is a complete package which includes 3 pin Impact Hammerhead Fiber Optic Sight (retail $79.99), Trophy Taker drop-away rest (retail $89.99), peep sight & loop. Cam, limbs, riser, string and cable are all in GREAT shape. Very few shots on this bow (estimated under 200). This is a SMOKING FAST bow (326fps)! Has been professionally tuned for optimum shooting by a factory certified technician. I ship all items on Tuesdays and Saturdays. For items ending on a Sunday I will ship Tuesday morning providing payment is received and cleared by 9am Tuesday. All other items will be shipped by 11:00am Saturday. Please contact me for other shipping arrangements.

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