Barley Used bow with the following equipment: Right Handed in all APG camo 28" with 70Lbs limbs TruGlo 5 pin (.029) Dovetail Super Slam sight TruGlo Protune 6 inch stabilizer (APG) NAP Smartrest Loop and peep It has the #3 base cam so it can be adjusted to 30" with modules available from Hoyt Dealer Details are listed below: AlphaMax™: The premier bow for 2009. Introducing the 2009 Hoyt AlphaMax 32 – a new breed of bow for the next generation of bowhunter. Engineered to give serious hunters everything they need to stack the odds in their favor, AlphaMax 32 combines radical, lightweight design, proven technologies, and rock-solid, super-tough performance. Its impressive list of technologies includes our brand-new, modular-adjustable XTR Cam & 1/2 Performance System, our revolutionary ZT LOCK Pocket System, our ultra-light, 5 Layer Laminated, Parallel Split XTS limbs, and our lightweight, tough-as-nails TEC LITE Riser. AlphaMax 32 offers a forgiving 7" brace height and blasts arrows at an ultra-fast 321 fps – the perfect combination of tack-driving accuracy and lightning-fast results. Meticulously designed with today’s serious bowhunter in mind, the dynamic, all-new AlphaMax 32 is the perfect blend of proven reliability and relentless innovation.

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