Horton Yukon SL 150 Crossbow


Horton Yukon Crossbow - 150lb - used in Excellent Condition. This is a re-list. The last buyer evaporated. Pffft! Just like that. Crossbow will include four-arrow quiver with four 20" Horton Carbon arrows fletched with 5" vanes. Arrows fitted with 100gr. target points and moon nocks. Crossbow has some very minor finish wear. Features that matter to the hunter/shooter: - Skeleton Stock makes crossbow easy to handle from treestand - particularly when pulling up from below and general handling. Plenty of places to grab. Easy to tie on to (tie onto stock - pull crossbow up nose-down). Light, maneuverable and points well. - Indestructible Sight Hood - can more than withstand occasional bumping against tree. Peep and pin sight adequate at crossbow ranges. 3" groups at 20" yds. easily attainable. - Open Trigger Guard (Horton’s best feature) - Permits you to slide your hand forward along the bottom of the stock until your finger contacts the back of the trigger and keep it there until you’re ready to fire. You know exactly where the trigger is without losing track of where the deer is looking. You don’t have to poke around for the trigger and risk an accidental discharge at a very, very bad time. This may be done with the heaviest of gloves. - 150 Draw Weight is more than adequate for deer. A 150 will put an arrow though a deer with sharp broadheads and well-placed shots. Generally, anything over 175 is simply overkill. It just means that the arrow hits the ground harder (after passing through) and greater damage is done to the point and arrow. Velocity and flat-trajectory aren't a big issue when you're shooting down on an animal that is 20 yds. (or less) away. - Four Arrow Quiver mounts crossways in front of stock - out of the way where it belongs. Crossbow may be fired with or without the quiver mounted. Either way it handles the same. In a shooting situation, normally only one arrow is needed. This means you can carry a discharge arrow and still have two spare arrows. - Tough Durable Construction. Steel stirrup. Steel swivel studs. Hard hitting. A no-frills working man's (or woman's) crossbow. You don't need to spend half-a-grand to hunt deer.

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