Fred Bear TRX32 Compound Bow


Fred Bear TRX 32 Compound Bow w/Hard Case 50 - 70 lb 28 inch draw RH New large hunter peep Whisker Biscuit Limb Saver grip strip Limb Savers for split limb bows 4" Stabilizer w/Doinker Team Realtree 3 pin scope sight 3 Arrow Kwikee quiver (Needs mount plate) 1 box of Thunderhead 100gr broadheads w/ extra blades/o-rings 10 Carbon Camo arrows 50-60# New (Red & Tan) custom made string and bus cables with less than 150 shots on them This has been a great bow and has taken many whitetails from the Maryland hardwoods. The only flaw I have been able to pick out is a small spot where the camo has worn offwhere I tie it off to hoist it into my stand. Other than that it shoots great and is a very quiet shooting bow. It has been very trouble free as well. You will have to re-sight because I removed my custom sight. I had the bow set for 60# which is why I have included the arrows. No sense in you having to buy more until they are gone. NO RESERVE My feedback is 100% and I do what it takes to ensure it stays that way for future auctions/purchases. Thank You for checking out my auction Good Luck in the bidding!!! HAPPY HUNTING :-)

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