Damon Howatt “Cavalier” Recurve Bow with Extra’s Hunt or Display


Classic Hunter, or just hang it on the wall, nice old bow either way, Damon Howatt recurve bow and accessories, beautiful wood.. Bow is a model, ( Cavalier), 3191, 62" must be the un-strung length, 38# at 28" draw.. No limb-twist that I can see, no separation in the lamination, tips good, bow in good condition, given age, and has been hunting. comes with a dozon, original arrows, 8 or 9 in good shape, others, odd, or need a little attention. 5 arrows have the old, glue on, Fred Bear, 2-peice broadheads, the rest field tips. old leather arm protector, old Ben Pearson, leather finger release, made in Arkansas, beleive it says ( 802-L ), and a ( King ) leather, 8-arrow, hip quiver. You can judge, yourself from the pic's, all in pretty nice shape to me ? Sell / Ship Continental U.S. Only, flat rate ship to all, $ 25.00, or you can pick it up in person, no chance of damage that way.. Starting price, $ 9.99, NR ! Thanks for any Interest, and Good Luck Bidding ! NO Disappointments, read my feedback.......

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