Dale Dye Trail’s End Snakewood Takedown Recurve Bow 62″


Limited Edition Dale Dye Snakewood Trail's End Takedown Recurve Bow; AMO 62", 55# @ 28"; This is #7 of 12 or 15 snakewood bows Dale made -- there willl be no more. Original owner's name on bow. Riser is carefully selected Snakewood, limbs are snaky looking "Medicine Wood" (stained red elm), checkered grip, elk antler limb tips. Non- Fast Flight. Many consider Dye bows to be the smoothest, quietest bows available. I have owned 4 Dye Trail's End bows and all have been great shooters: quiet, fast, smooth and very stable. This snakewood riser seems to be the best of the bunch: very crisp lines, beautiful snake pattern in the wood, and unusually solid, stable feel. Grip design may be the best available anywhere and checkering gives a naturally steady, firm grip. Mint condition: no marks, dings or scratches. This could be the ultimate hunting bow, or the best piece in any collection. Great shooter, amazing looker! The last time I checked there was a 2 year wait for a new Dye bow, and snakewood was not an option. International shipping $40. "Buy it Now" option has free shipping.

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