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You are looking at a Browning Explorer II recurve bow. This is a 62" amo, 45# @ 28" draw weight. She has the FACTORY bushings for the quiver as well as the bushing for a stabilizer AND/OR the bowfishing rig. Your bow will come with a string that has been padded to reduce noise, which apparently does it's job because I can't hear this bow upon release of the string...She is QUIETER than the proverbial church mouse. The draw weight of this bow is absolutely perfect, MORE THAN ENOUGH to hunt ANYTHING on the North American continent, bar the elusive Grizzly Bear. I have been using traditional archery gear for over 25 years. I have owned just about every type of recurve imaginable (except the SUPER expensive ones, although I have shot them) All that to say this....this bow smokes an arrow, hits where you are looking/pointing and hits HARD with authority. I absolutely HATE to let this go, BUT, I bid on another Browning Explorer last week, and I WON...SO, I MUST sell this to pay for the other bow..WHY, you may ask, did I bid on the other is a DISEASE...BE careful, TRADITIONAL BOWHUNTING/SHOOTING IS ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All joking aside, the reason I bid on the other bow is because it is the older model and has a bulkier riser, and higher wrist placement, which, is nothing but a personal preference This bow is the SMOOTHEST DRAWING BOW I HAVE EVER DRAWN/SHOT, HANDS DOWN. She has NO holes, NO twists, I will tell you this, it is NOT perfect, she has handling marks here and there BUT nothing ugly by ANY sense of the word. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.... JUST IN TIME FOR HUNTING SEASON I have a 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK for a reason... I AM HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY, and intend to keep it that way. Bid with confidence. as always, ask before bidding.

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