Bowtech Carbon knight


Brand new Bowtech Carbon Knight Just released. Bought 2. Octane Quiver , Octane stabilizer. Rip Cord arrow rest. Archer Extreme AX Driver 4 pin sight. D loop. This an amazing bow RH. 28 inch draw at 60lbs. Have shot a half Dozen arrows through just to ensure workability. Still able to register for full factory warranty to know owner..... Don't miss the chance to own one of the best a Bowtech Carbon Knight™ With the courage of a daredevil and the style of a legend, the Carbon Knight will change the industry. At just 3.2 lbs, the Carbon Knight is the lightest premium bow ever made, thanks to the Knight Riser. Our new Binary Cam design will give you an even smoother, more comfortable draw without sacrificing speed. The Carbon Knight, the lightest, most maneuverable carbon bow ever. Specs MSRP849 bare bow Mass Weight3.2 lbs Brace Height7 IBO Speed330 Axle to Axle31 Kinetic Energy84.6 ft-lbs Draw Length26.5-30.5 Effective Let-Off80% Draw Weight50, 60, 70 Technologies The Knight Riser is designed to be tough as diamonds while remaining light as a vapor. Posted with eBay Mobile

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