Black Widow Recurve

PA X Tulipwood and Copperhead


Black Widow Recuve Bow Right Handed 62" Length 48 lbs @ 28" Draw Tillered for 3under Standard Grip One Piece Bow Items included in this auction: 1) Owner's manual with the serial documented 2) Spider string silencer's 3) Black Widow Catalog 4) Black Widow bow stringer 5) Black Widow DVD 6) Wooly Whispers string silencer's 7) Copy of the original invoice 8) Black Widow Sticker to cover name This Bow is a 9+ on a scale to 1-10. It has a very minor, cosmetic only scuff mark on the left side of the limb, hardly noticeable.. This bow get's attention everywhere it goes. Being 62" and @ 48lbs@28", it feel's very consistent and natural when drawing back along with a good solid feel after the release. This bow was purchased for tournament shooting. It was used very little. I have another new Black Widow bow I use for hunting and 3D shooting, so this bow need's a lucky new owner. Not only is this Black Widow's 1st PAX model with Tulip and Copperhead, but it's Black Widow's 1st bow with Tulip and Copperhead. The Copperhead snake skins are very transparent, making it a great combination with the Tulipwood. I waited for 2 1/2 months for this bow once ordered. I received it November of 2008. It has seal skin that's stained red on the shelf rest, which matches the bow Bow sold for $1,435.00 from Black Widow. Will ship anywhere in the U.S.A. for a flat rate fee of $25.00. Will not ship outside the U.S.A. Bow does have my name on it, which I'll include a Black Widow Sticker that is made to cover this up, or you can mail it to Black Widow and they'll permanently remove. Accept PayPal Why wait for 2 months when you can have a nearly new one for hundred's less Will ship within 1 working day of payment being received Will be packaged 100% safely Bid what you'd pay for it, Low Reserve, please don't ask, just bid....

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