There comes a time, they say for all good things to end. To that I'll add that there comes a time to pass GREAT THINGS on to be enjoyed by someone else. For me, this is that time. I owned Bighorn Bowhunting Company as a part of King of the Mountain, Inc. for 10 years. Those were great years for BBC. In that time we totally changed the definition of the Custom Recurve and Longbow. They will never be the same. Realizing that fact, our bowyers began to accumulate examples of all of the older styles of Bighorn recurve bows ever made when G Fred Asbell owned the company. This would be the period from it's very beginning until March 1991 when KOM purchased it. Included in this collection is an excellent example of every recurve model INCLUDING the very first BIGHORN recurve ever made. This is, of course, my very best memory and certification. I relied on others to make the selection. G Fred certified the #1 Bighorn (lefty for Denny Behn). The bowyers stripped the camo paint off of it and totally refinished the bow. It was on display in our offices for almost 15 years. Glenn Nelson, Plant Mgr, Ron Nelson (Plt Mgr during Bud Boker era), John Miller, Jerry White, I and others poured over all data available to us at the time. Glenn Nelson the Gen Mgr and Bud Boker have both passed away. This auction will codify this with the provenance signed by me personally to what I have stated here. There is no other collection like this one and there likely never will be either. There is after all only one first ever Bighorn. Also, included in this collection is the Custom Bighorn made by our bowyers, lead by Glenn and Ron Nelson specifically for Glenn St. Charles. Later, Dan Soldan came upon this bow, bought it and had it signed personally by Glenn St. Charles. There is after all only one Bighorn made for Glenn St. Charles- and he signed it- that won't happen again either. People ask me why I'm selling this collection. Well, I still have all of the bows made during the King of the Mountain era at Bighorn. They are the ones that are most significant to me personally. One can only shoot 1 or 2 and the other 20-some seldom get a walk in the woods as it is. Plus, SWMBO says I'm moving to Rapid City, SD and some things just have to go. If you've ever been married then no further explanation is necessary. If you haven't- then buy more bows while you can. Sure, I could sell all of these separately, but my wish is that they remain as a collection as one of the great periods of bowmaking history. This is a NO RESERVE AUCTION! Let the market of those most interested set the value! No- I will not end the auction early. Also, you should know whether or not you have the $$ to complete the transaction before bidding. Don't ask later for special terms- you will be reported as a non-paying bidder if you can't settle the transaction immediately. McDonalds no longer accepts check and neither will I on this auction. Good luck! If you have any questions not answered by the pictures please feel free to call. 970 962-9306 ext 203 King Cavalier II, President/ Founder King of the Mountain, Inc. Powered by eBay Turbo Lister The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

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