This is a VINTAGE 1968 BEAR TIGERCAT RECURVE BOW with ZEBRA WOOD HANDLES. This bow pulls 40 lbs. at 28 inches. The length of the bow is 62 inches. I believe this was the last year (1968) they made the Tigercat recurve in the Michigan factory. This bow would make an excellent collectors' piece or for hunting. It comes with a string. I did string this bow and pulled it back but never shot any arrows through it. Everything is fine on this bow. It looks as though it has had very little use with very slight cosmetic wear. There is a very small dent on the edge of the face of handle. It is very minor and very hard to see, but you may be able to see it in one of the pictures if you look very closely. This does not take from the beauty or the function of the bow. Everything else on this bow is in excellent shape with no problems. This bow was purchased at an estate sale. I'm not sure if the string is the original, but it came with the bow. I think you would be very happy with this bow. Please look at the pictures before bidding. I will answer any questions to the best of my ability as quickly as possible. Payment is due within 3 days after close of bid. Will ship by economy shipping within 24 hours, if possible, after confirmation of payment. DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!

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