2013 Bear Archery Encounter RTH PKG Right Hand 60-70LB Bow Package



THIS IS a 2013 BEAR ARCHERY ENCOUNTER RTH BOW PACKAGE - PLUS!! 1/2 DOZEN GOLD TIP 5575 ARROWS and A SCOTT CALIPER RELEASE!! WE ARE A FULL SERVICE ARCHERY SHOP AND WILL SET THE DRAW LENGTH AND WEIGHT TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS, and PAPER TUNE THE BOW BEFORE SHIPPING!! E2-Cam provides top-end performanceRefined thin grip reduces hand torqueIntegrated string suppressors quiet the bowHeavy on features, not on weight – the Encounter is more bow at a great price. Machined-aluminum riser with thin grip minimizes hand torque for greater accuracy. Adjustable draw length in 1?2" increments from 27" to 32" without a bow press or draw modules. Dual-sealed stainless steel ball bearings and the E2-Cam provide a smooth draw and top-end speed. Bear Flared Quad Limbs in zero-tolerance limb pockets offer consistent power. Integrated string suppressor eliminates string vibration and quiets the bow.Camo pattern: RT APG. Encounter RTH package includes: bow, Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit®, Trophy Ridge three-pin sight, Trophy Ridge stabilizer and sling, Trophy Ridge quiver, wheel peep sight and nock loop.

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