2011 Martin Rack Master Bonz Camo Compound Bow 45-60# Package


Come visit our store for more great deals!! 2011 Martin Rack Master Bonz Compound Bow 45-60# Technical Specs Speed: 315-320 FPS Rated Let-Off: 80% (adjustable) Draw Weight: 45-60# Draw Length: 27" to 32" Weight: 3.5 lbs Axle Length: 32.25" Brace Height: 7" Cam Features Acu-Trak Single Cam Silky Smooth Draw Shooter Friendly No Shock or Vibration Features Acu-Trak Cam - Smooth, Quiet, No Vibration HammerHead Bowstrings - No Stretch or Peep Rotation, BCY Trophy PowerTough Limbs - Durable & Accurate Magnesium RiserThermal Grip VEM - Vibration Escape Module, Omega V Package D LoopPeepMantis Rest6 Arrow Quiver3 pin sight Build a bow right, offer it at a bargain price, and you get today’s best compound bow value. Martin’s revolutionary new TRG cable guard is among the improvements made for 2011. The Saber is built for solid durability, competitive speed and spot-on accuracy. When you consider all the features Martin built into the Saber, you’ll wonder why it doesn’t cost more. . . a heck of a lot more. A Set Of Draw Length Modules (F1 - F6) Are Included With The Bow Here are some other great items from our store. Click an item to check it out!

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