This is a Brand New Custom 2011 RH, 65#, Maitland Retribution which includes the following 1. Reaper Camo on Riser 2. Riser is double coated with clear soft touch, Invelvet 3. Custom VaporTrail strings & cables, Red & Black with Halo serving 4. 3/16" Red Eye peep sight 5.OEM New Strings & Cables included also 7. VaporTrail Pro-V Full Capture drop away arrow rest with Max Drive kit installed 7. Lifetime Warranty 8. Complete set of modules draw adjustable 25" to 32" Check the Bow out here: http://www.maitlandusa.com/retribution.html Read comments and feedback here: http://www.archerytalk.com/vb/showthread.php?t=1106216&page=121 This Bow is an Awesome shooter and will out shoot most bows in a head to head test. Fit & Finish are Top Notch! Retail is well over $1000 for this Awesome bow but Reserve price is hundreds less Draw is currently set at 28"

$79.00 from ebay.com


Sorry, this is Acquired. See similar products on eBay

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