1965 Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow in near mint condition


Up for bid this week is a vintage Bear recurve from the 1960's, In this auction I am offering the 58" , right handed 1965 Zebrawood Grizzly . I will say that you will look long and far to find a bows in the excellent/mint condition of this bow. This Grizzly does not have the normal flaws that many vintage era bows have. It has NO stress cracks, or fractures. It has NO holes drilled, or filled. It has NO scratches, gouges, nicks, delaminations, or flaws. It is stove pipe straight. The original finish is intact with no crazing, or checking, and the silk screens are perfect, as is the lettering. I gave it a couple hand rubbings with tru-oil, and a good waxing. It looks like new. The Chocolate brown glass is flawless without streaking, or discoloration. The Zebrawood riser is gorgeous,and cannot be appreciated in the pictures. Here is the best part....This bow is a rocket launcher...At 41#, it shoots like bow near 50#. The 65 Griz had two things that made it the best Grizzly of all, and that is a perfectly crowned shelf, and thin tapered limb tips. This bow shoots with authority. It shoots 2018 eastons like darts. Also it is quiet, and stable. Another bonus is, is that the limb tips are red, and white overlays. I twisted up a new ceder colored B-50 endless loop string for it, that is served in red. It is a sharp looking rig. I also installed puff silencers, and a new strike plate, and rug rest. Shipping will be $14.00 to the USA lower 48 only. Please check my feedback, and bid with confidence.

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Auction price: $114.00

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